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7x12 mini lathe in fetching blue!

Workshop metalworking tools

There are a wide and varied range of tools that the home metalworking workshop owner can buy to complement his main machines tools. A lot of these are a bit of a mystery to the newcomer - so I have collected together my articles relating to the different home metalworking workshop tools that you might come across.

Collets in the home metalworking workshop

Copper hammers, drifts etc

Cutting fluid

metalworking Dial indicators and dial test indicators

metalworking Drill bits

Glanze boring bar

Workshop consumables

Measuring and micrometers

How to read a micrometer

The Sieg X1 micro mill

The Sieg X1 micro mill table extension

Morse tapers


Slitting saws

Metalworking Taps and tapping on a mill

General tools

Transfer punches


more on drills

Engineering parallels

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