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Sieg X1 Micro Mill Table Extension

The standard Sieg X1 micro-mill is great value for money. You do not pay a great deal of money for the micro-mill, and you get a very sturdy tool that can be used for many things.

Any Sieg X1 micro-mill owner is going to accept that their purchase isn't going to be the ultimate milling machine.. .but for the money it does well.

One of the aspects of the micro mill I found annoying was the length of the bed. The milling table on my standard micro mill was about 9 inches long.

As we all know, whichever machine tool you own, you will always seem to find those situations where you wish it was just that tiny bit bigger - in fact, these situations crop up with irritating regularity.

One day, to my delight, I found that it was possible to by a large milling table top for my micro-mill. This new table is 16 inches long. Wow! The extra size made such a huge difference.

  • More working area - could even have two small jobs on the go at once.
  • Can cut longer continuous cuts - no need to re-mount long parts.
  • Came in a kit with the extra long leadscrew.

I recommend this upgrade to anybody buying a Sieg X1 micro-mill - worth getting when you purchase your micro mill. Below are a couple of before and after photos. The old milling table can be used as a small surface plate! micro mill upgraded milling table

original micro mill table

I can't stress how useful this milling table extension is - my life has become much easier since i purchased it. If you have a micro-mill, rush out and order one of these now!

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