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7x12 mini lathe in fetching blue!

A Sieg X1 micro-mill milling machine

I have purchased a small mini-mill, or, as I think it should be termed, micro-mill. I got it from Axminster Tools in the UK, there website is here. These small mills come out of the same Sieg factory as the mini-lathe, and I have the X1 Sieg mill.

micro mill
It is a well known fact that it will only be matter of time before any mini-lathe owner goes out and buys a mini-mill. I did not have money or space for a proper mini-mill, so I purchased a micro-mill. These are very small devices but can still be used for useful work on a small scale. For example my homemade dovetail bar for my telescope.

micro mill collets Milling machines eat money even faster than lathes! In the above picture you can see I've added a 3 inch milling vice. Some kind of milling vice is on the "must have list". I've also got some collets for holding end mills. I use end and slot mills up to 10mm in size. These can be purchased on ebay for a few quid. They might not be the best quality, but they get the job done. I've also got a fly cutter and a lot of drill bits.

damged mico-mill gear A micro-mill is not very powerful. However, the design of the gearbox leaves a lot to be desired. As a beginner you are very likely to stall the mill by getting the tool to jam in the job. The power gear attached to the motor in the micro-mill is made of cheese! OR at least, some kind of very soft plastic. After you have jammed the mill a couple of times this gear will disintegrate. I have replaced by cheese gear with a steel gear from a local hardware shop. The other gears should be replaced, but they take less stress, and I haven't done this yet. The metal parts on the left are where I have tried to fix the broken gear on my micro-mill

It is also possible to get a morse taper tool stuck in the spindle - I advise using a tin of penetrating oil overnight and then try and hit the drawbar in the normal way

The best thing you can buy for your micro mill is a decent 3inch milling vice. Buy the best you can afford, and expect to spend at least 50 ukp.

The micro-mill is known internationally as the Sieg X1 micro-mill milling machine.

It is important to make sure your Sieg X1 micro-mill milling machine is properly trammed.

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