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7x12 mini lathe in fetching blue!

Pictures of my mini-lathe, micro mill and metalworking workshop

This is a three jaw, three inch chuck that comes standard with the 7x12 mini-lathe
three inch three jaw chuck for mini-lathe

A 6mm end mill for my micro mill in a MT2 collet
6mm end mill in collet

Rotary table I made for indexing worm wheels
homemade rotary table

This is a four jaw 4 inch independant chuck. A vital upgrade for your mini-lathe
4 inch 4 jaw chuck for mini-lathe
Very large image of 4 jaw mini-lathe chuck

The business end of my 6x4 bandsaw
6x4 bandsaw

A closeup picture of my bandaw blade. Very good at cutting flesh
bandsaw blade

A closeup picture of a boring tool
boring tool

The grinder i use for grinding HSS blanks into useful tools for my mini-lathe. 150W is a bit pathetic and i wish I'd got a more powerful one.
tool grinder

Some HSS lathe tools
hss lathe tools

Lots of bits of metal stock waiting to be made into something on my mini-lathe and micro mill.
boring tool

Here is my mini-lathe with a 4 inch 4 jaw independant chuck mounted
mini lathe 4 jaw chuck

This is the fixed steady that I occasionally use on my mini-lathe. The jaws have been modified slightly so that they open more.
mini-lathe fixed steady

This is the chuck on my micro mill. Handy for drill and tapping
micro mill chuck

Here is my micro mill with the fantastic extended table option. REcommended.
micro mill extended table

This is a rather expensive milling vice which I use on my micro mill - a decent milling vice is a good investment.
milling vice

My protective glasses. Always wear these.
protective glasses

My dial test indicator on its stand. Cheap from Ebay
dial test indicator

If you don't wear protective glasses, you will need decent tweezers for getting metal chips out of your eyeball (Been there, done that)

If you are after a specific metalworking workshop picture, I have a nice camera so email me at the address at the bottom of the page and I will see what I can do!

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