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7x12 mini lathe in fetching blue!

Where do I go to buy a mini-lathe

If you actually want to buy a mini-lathe in the UK, you basically have three choices. The first choice is, rather obviously, to visit a shop. A number of shops in the UK sell mini-lathes. Perhaps the best known of these is Machine Mart. The big advantage is that you can go and get it now, put it in the boot of your car and take it home without paying any chipping. ON the downside, the range is limited, and they might not always be the best mini-lathe choice on the market. Usually Clarke.

The best way to buy a mini-lathe is from an online retailer. Chester tools is probably the best in the UK for this sort of thing. They sell good quality machines that have been carefully selected and tested. They sell a vast range of spares and accessories. Whilst they might not be the cheapest place to buy, they are without doubt the best.

The third option is, of course, Ebay. Most of the online retailers have offerings on Ebay - so you aren't really gaining anything. New machines are apt to be slightly more expensive on Ebay because of the additional fees.

You will also find a small number of independent sellers on ebay - sometimes that rarest of things, the second hand Mini-lathe. Mini-lathes do not come up second hand very often. Personally I'd avoid a second hand mini-lathe - you do not know how it has been mistreated and you do not know if it was a quality machine inthe first place. Most owners hang onto their mini-lathes even if they buy bigger machines.

So, go to a reputable online retailer, and choose the more expensive options, it probably means you are getting a better machine. I know it is a drag to wait for the delivery, but it is the best route.

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