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7x12 mini lathe in fetching blue!

Problems, Setup and Adjustment of a mini-lathe

A mini-lathe is not a professional machine tool. There are things that will go wrong, or need adjusting, or that you should simply watch out for.

Whilst this is not a complete list, please read it carefully!

  • Change gears - I have found that the lever to engage these does not sit in the "OFF" position very easily. If you aren't using the leadscrew, pull a gear out of the change gears. Nothing is worse that the lead screw suddenly engaging during a facing operation.
  • Tailstock - make sure this is properly centred in on the centerline of the lathe. THere are some small screws under the tailstock for this purpose.
  • Halfnut lever - hidden down by the thread dial indicator are several screws for adusting the actionof the halfnut lever.
  • Carriage - if you lock down the halfnut lever, you'll find you can wobble the carraige back and forth a few fractions of an inch. Its worthwhile using a hand to hold the big wheel in the front still during some operations. Or find a way to lock the carriage properly.
  • Gib Adjustments - There are lots of extremely well hidden screws for adjusting the stiffness and backlash of the topslide, crossslide and carriage. Make sure these are as tight as you can get, otherwise it will effect your work. The mini-lathe only performs at its best when well adjusted.
  • Handles - on the topslide and cross slide will fall off. Throw them away.
  • Chuck - you'll get two sets of jaws for the chuck. Ones that grip outside of jobs, and ones that grip inside. These jaws always have to go back in the same slots. Make marks on the chuck and the jaws so you know which goes where using a hammer and a centerpunch.

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