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7x12 mini lathe in fetching blue!

I've used a lot of suppliers for different things for my lathe projects, and these are the best

Please note - uk only!

More or less anything can be purchased at RS Components. Everything from bearings to aluminium round bar. If, like me you live just down the road from a trade counter you can spend a lot of money!

Arc euro trade specialise in supplier small mini-lathes and mills. They sell all the tooling you could possibly ever want. Very good for cheap and effect drills, taps, milling cutters etc. Very good faultless service. Also stock a wide range of spare parts for the mini-lathe.

Despite having the worst and most difficult to use Ecommerce website on the planet, Chronos stock a wide range of everything. If you need a cheap set of drills or tranfer punches, or an inexpensive rotary table for occasional use, go here.

RDG Tools are another contender for Worst Website in the World, but, like chronos sell a wide range of tooling. They also have a strong Ebay presence.

Bearing Boys :: for all your bearing and power transmission needs For an impossibly wide range of bearings, shaft collars, bushes, bearings, more bearings, shafts, grease and everything like that, go here! Probably a lot cheaper than RS too. Very good service, and one of my favourite suppliers.

If you want to add a supplier to this list, or advertise on this site, please email me: web at mini-lathe dot org dot uk. Also at the bottom of the page.

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